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Company (“Start Up”) specialized in the R & D of agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment, it uses the most modern techniques of virtual prototyping to guarantee the efficiency and precision in the development of its products, with a significant reduction in the costs of change of design before the launch in the market.


A SOFIEN has become a reference in the computational modeling of physical-mechanical properties of the most diverse biomasses.

Mission: We develop computational models, of the behavior and performance of machines and equipment in interaction with agricultural and mineral materials, to simulate a wide range of experimental conditions. This enables the rapid design of innovative solutions with greater assertiveness and reduces development costs.



Vision: To be a reference in modeling of biological materials for the development of machines and systems of agroindustry based on virtual reality.


Values: Fidelity in relationships and commitment to reality, directs and improves the quality of what is developed. The vigor of wholeness is possible only with the richness of the diversity of the parts.



Meaning of SOFIEN:

SOFIEN is a juxtaposition of the Greek word SOFIa, which means Wisdom, with the initials EN, of engineering, i.e. Engineering performed with Wisdom, applying new technologies in search of better and more reliable solutions.